Health & Safety Officer

The Health and Safety Officer is responsible for administering all aspects of the health and safety program for the laboratory.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to ensuring that all laboratory procedures are conducted in compliance with all applicable site, state and federal guidelines; monitors compliance and establishes safety programs and policies that ensure a safe and risk free working environment; oversees and administers all related health and safety training; oversees the operations of the laboratory health and safety committee.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensures that all laboratory operations are conducted in compliance with the site specific health and safety manual.
  • Initiates health and safety training for all new hires.  Conducts annual refresher training as applicable.
  • Performs annual review and maintains a current version of the laboratory health and safety manual as required.
  • Oversee the operations of the laboratory health and safety committee.
  • Responsible for health and safety inspections of the laboratory.
  • Proper coordination and disposal of hazardous waste in compliance with the Company and DES hazardous waste rules.
  • Responsible for conducting all investigations as related to accidents, near misses and annual OSHA report.
  • Provides health and safety recommendations to laboratory management and the safety committee.
  • Completes health and safety compliance and summary reports.
  • Completes and submit all applicable reports as required by state and federal agencies.
  • Provides technical support / safety leadership to all employees.
  • Enforces all company health and safety policies.
  • Serves as a mentor / coach to promote employee safety awareness in addition to promoting a team approach to safety compliance.
  • Provides support to all related health and safety programs as required.


Qualification include a BS/BA in Chemistry or related science required with a minimum of 5 years of experience in a laboratory setting. Knowledge of cGMPs and related compliance regulations and guidances is preferred.

Minimum Skills Requirements:

  • Knowledge of safe laboratory practices, including the proper procedures in handling chemicals and samples.
  • Strong oral/written communication and organizational skills.
  • Must have the ability and skill to perform the detailed job requirements noted above competently, safely and proficiently.
  • A self-starter, motivated person who possesses good interpersonal skills capable of effectively interacting with all departments and client personnel.
  • Must have excellent organizational, verbal communication and technical documentation skills.
  • Must be a team player with integrity and concern for the quality of Company products, services and staff members.