Raw Material Testing

Pharmaceutical raw materials identity testing is an important part of your drug development and manufacturing process. By testing raw materials to ensure they are suitable for their intended use, you prevent production delays and problems.

Boston Analytical, a qualified USP monograph testing lab, also performs EP, BP, JP and NF testing, offering a complete pharmaceutical compendial testing verification solution.

Our experienced analysts can perform testing for all phases of CMC drug development through release testing. Whether you need raw material testing or finished product testing, Boston Analytical has developed protocols with your expectations in mind. We offer wet chemistry, instrumental analysis, release testing and stability testing. We are FDA registered, DEA licensed, cGMP compliant, and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited.

Pharmaceutical Raw Material Testing Services

  • Compendial Quality Control (QC) Raw Material Testing via EP, BP, USP, JP and NF
  • Pharmaceutical Compendial Testing Verification
  • Elemental Analysis via ICP-MS
  • Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Lead and Selenium Testing
  • Metals by Atomic Absorption
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry Analysis
  • Titrimetric Analysis
  • Fournier Transform Infrared Detector (FTIR)
  • Ultraviolet / Visible (UV/VIS) Spectroscopy
  • Endotoxin Testing (Both Sterile and Non-Sterile Product)
  • Microbial Enumeration Test
  • Water Activity Testing
Pharmaceutical Raw Material Testing and Compendial Testing Verification Labs and USP Monograph Testing Labs