Eric J. Hill, Director of Extractables & Leachables Is Published in SLAS TECHNOLOGY

Director of Extractables & Leachables, Eric J. Hill, along with Steve J. Martin and Christopher M. Weikart, both employed by SiO2 Medical Products, collaborated on an article that was published by Sage Journals in SLAS TECHNOLOGY: Translating Life Sciences Innovation.

The article titled “Characterization of Extractable Species from Polypropylene Microplates” looks at the use of microplates manufactured from plastic materials and how they have proven to be problematic affecting the results when used for bioassays, immunoassays and general research.

This study expanded on a previous study by incorporating additional commercial microplates and more sensitive LC and GC methods with mass spectral detection. This report provides the extractables profiles of the commercial microplates used in the report for comparison purposes.

“We created this study and article to screen commercially available microplates for extractables to see how they compare in terms of potential leachables that could negatively affect protein binding in bioassays and storage of biologics”, explained Eric Hill. “The microplates were acquired by five different vendors to with include SiO2. This information is helpful for companies conducting drug discovery using microplates to understand which have the lowest level of extractables in order to produce the most favorable results.”

Besides this report, Eric Hill has written other industry articles and is active in his field including involvement in industry associations, speaking engagements and webinars.

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