Utilities Testing

The water you use for pharmaceutical manufacturing, cleaning, cooling, and filtration must be pure, to ensure that your end product is not contaminated. Likewise, the microbial air quality in cleanrooms and other controlled environments must be tested, to demonstrate the control of viable (living microorganisms) and non-viable particles.

Boston Analytical offers a complete line of compressed gas and purified water testing services with a rapid turnaround time. Our experienced staff can help you determine the specific tests you need and assist with sample collection.

Utilities Testing Services

  • Bioburden Water Testing USP <1231>, “Water for Pharmaceutical Purposes”
  • TOC Testing of Water Systems, USP <643> “Total Organic Carbon,” with a Sievers® 900 TOC Analyzer
  • USP Water Testing, USP <645>, “Water Conductivity”
  • Bacterial Endotoxin Testing, USP <85>, “Bacterial Endotoxins Test”
  • Purified Water System Validations
  • Compressed Gas Monitoring for Water Vapor, Hydrocarbon, Viable, and Non-Viable
  • Clean Dry Air Characterization
  • Air Viable and Nonviable Testing
  • Water Vapor Level Confirmation
  • Hydrocarbon Testing
Nonviable and viable air testing with Hydrocarbon testing